Hi! I'm Jessica.

I edit and proofread for self-help and business authors.

I like languages.

I like them so much that I decided to study French and Arabic for my undergraduate degree.

But after a decade of bridging the culture gap by helping French people understand the English language, I realized something…

Native English writers need help, too.

In the age of self-publishing, online entrepreneurs who never thought they’d one day write a book are doing just that.

And I know that, as easy as it looks, a lot of work still goes into the self-publishing process.

Once your book is actually written, you’re not done yet.

I don’t proofread my own work when my business and livelihood are hanging in the balance, and neither should you! Because your readers WILL point out your mistakes.

Do you have someone, a second set of eyes, to give your writing a closer look, line by line, before you hit publish?

jessica andersen

Why me?

I help clients gain clarity, consistency, and credibility in their writing.

How do I do that?

Step 1. My developmental editing provides:

  • clarity by organizing your ideas from the beginning to the end of your book
  • credibility by providing the natural progression of your argument and message

Step 2. My line editing provides:

  • clarity by further organizing your ideas on a paragraph level
  • consistency by maintaining your unique writer’s voice in every line

Step 3. My copyediting provides:

  • consistency by ensuring adherence to your prevailing style (whether AP, CMOS, or your own!)
  • credibility by fixing grammar and usage errors

Step 4. My proofreading provides:

  • clarity by verifying that accepted changes from the copyedit were successfully made
  • credibility by eliminating those lingering mistakes and typos

Make sure your writing shines by hiring me to edit and proofread your work.

Don’t publish anything less than your best!

Clients have reported...

I upleveled all my books!

If you publish your books electronically, it's not too late for a copyedit and proofread! Simply upload the new edits to your distribution platform.

I improved my processes and overall quality of my books!

I have also helped clients to develop their own internal style guide! Share it with your ghostwriters and copywriters for an even more efficient content-producing experience!

You may also be wondering...

Anyone who publishes long-form content needs editing and proofreading before it can be seen by the masses.

I specialize in editing and proofreading for authors who self-publish in the personal development and business genres.

If you create ebooks, blog posts, or other content, I will edit and proofread your copy so that it is clear and consistent, and so your readers get your message right away.

One of the most common misconceptions about my line of work is that “editing” and “proofreading” are the same thing. In fact, I’ve seen so many people use these terms interchangeably that I’ve lost count and become exasperated.

While it’s true that we generally look for the same errors in copyediting and proofreading, the main thing to remember is that these are actually 2 separate editing passes.

If you have taken care of the overall structure and voice of your work, the next step is copyediting.

If you have already been through multiple rounds of editing and you just want a final check to be sure everything is polished, the last step is proofreading.

For a handy chart that explains what I provide in each edit, head on over to my Services page. For a more in-depth explanation, check out my article here: The 4 Different Editorial Passes and How To Tell Them Apart

Per-word starting rates are given in USD:

Developmental editing starting at $0.05 per word

Line editing starting at $0.04 per word

Copyediting starting at $0.03 per word

Proofreading starting at $0.02 per word

For more information about my rates, please see my Services page.

As a friendly reminder, all projects require a personalized quote. To obtain a free quote, please contact me.

I don’t like unnecessary steps, so I’ve streamlined my process for my clients.

1. Get in touch with me about your project. We agree on the deliverables and their deadlines.
2. I provide a simple contract to protect both parties. You then provide your writing to be edited.
3. I send you my edit with my annotations along with the invoice to be paid within 15 days.

For more information, please see my Services page.

Per 10,000 words:

  • developmental editing in 16 business days
  • line editing in 8 business days
  • copyediting in 4 business days
  • proofreading in 2 business days

Please bear in mind that these are estimates. Actual turnaround will depend on your specific project. For more information, please see my Services page.

There’s a simple reason: jessicaandersen(dot)com was taken, so I had to make use of my middle initial! It stands for Lynn.

Yes, copyedit can be 2 words! However, 1 word is also correct.

I use 1 word because I think it looks nicer next to “proofread.” Think of it as part of my brand aesthetic.

I’ll take your own preferences into account when I edit your writing so that your brand aesthetic is consistent, too!

Learn more about what I offer by visiting my Services page!

More fun facts, please!

But enough about me. What about YOU?

Let me know what you are working on so we can decide a plan of action together.

Typical response time is 1 business day.