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Disclaimer before we dive in: this is NOT a sponsored post.

Today I found myself thinking once again of those of us who have encountered a shift in our work circumstances due to the pandemic crisis. Maybe you unexpectedly had to take on more writing assignments at work because of understaffing, or perhaps, like me, you decided to use this time to turn your passion for writing into a profession.

Proper grammar is necessary, but it can be tricky to achieve. Here are three FREE resources I have used in the past when I was writing and got stuck pondering a grammar issue.


The homepage provides plenty of AI grammar tools to correct some common mistakes and clunky writing, but unless you take the time to understand the rules of grammar, you will forever be dependent on their plugins.

Enter the blog. Grammarly has a mini handbook section of their blog containing explanations of the most common grammatical mistakes and writing errors and how to correct them using examples. It’s a simple no-frills presentation that won’t get you bogged down in obscure rules.

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

Mignon Fogarty is the (super)woman behind Grammar Girl, which has since rebranded as Quick and Dirty Tips to provide more than just grammar advice. Like Grammarly, you can find the answers to your specific grammar questions on Fogarty’s site. Just use the search bar to look up a particular grammar topic.

I like that the presentation of the information is fun and casual; she even has a podcast about grammar (talk about a niche!), so even if you are not struggling with any particular grammar concept at the moment, you can still learn something new on the go.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Geared toward university-level students, although high schoolers will benefit as well, the Purdue OWL website is packed with information for academic writers. No more pulling your hair out over citations: whether your copy is in MLA, APA, or CMOS format, the OWL has you covered!

If school is out for you, the OWL has an entire section dedicated to improving your writing for job applications, and in my opinion, this section is the gem of the website. No matter your field, I guarantee you will have to write a CV and cover letter at some point in your career. It can feel like a massive undertaking, but with the right amount of preparation, including a little help from the OWL, you too can compose a standout job application.

If you struggle with grammar and need instant help for free, I hope the above resources will serve you well in your writing. It goes without saying that while these tools can help you become a better writer, you will still need someone to look over your work before you publish. Mistakes are easy to make at the best of times, and let’s face it, English grammar is hard! Give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Contact me today about proofreading your project for those pesky errors and typos. Happy writing!

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