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An editor's work is invisible.

You might be wondering how I left my mark on the above titles. A good editor/proofreader lets the author’s voice and writing shine by eliminating distracting errors and typos.

Below are some of the specific results I achieved for my clients outside of the “typical” spelling and grammar corrections:

  • Fixed the title case in all headings
  • Homogenized the formatting of em dashes
  • Transformed UK spelling and usage to US spelling and usage
  • Added the Oxford comma to all series as requested by author
  • Adhered to author’s style guide (AP, CMOS, or custom)
  • Checked that all embedded links were live
  • Reformatted lists with bullets throughout
  • Fixed pronoun usage for gender considerations
  • Added italics for internal dialogue
  • Changed single quotation marks to double quotation marks
  • Formatted abbreviations (e.g., i.e., etc.)
  • Added commas between independent clauses, and for emphasis or clarity
  • Checked that all chapters were correctly referenced
  • Weeded out overused punctuation (em dashes, ellipses) and phrases
  • Fixed number usage (spelled out vs. numerals)
I’ve even helped clients to develop their own style guide.

Clients have reported...

I upleveled all my books!

If you publish your books electronically, it's not too late for a copyedit and proofread! Simply upload the new edits to your distribution platform.

I improved my processes and overall quality of my books!

I have also helped clients to develop their own internal style guide! Share it with your ghostwriters and copywriters for an even more efficient content-producing experience!

After having a 3-star rating for one of my books, specifically for editing issues, I couldn't help but ask Jessica for her feedback and guidance. She edited and proofread my manuscript with such dedication. Her corrections were explained adequately and clearly, she provided a detailed feedback that I could use to subsequently improve my next writing, and it was completed in a timely manner. It has been a joy to work with Jessica, who takes such care addressing the needs and wants of her clients—she went way above and beyond for my book! My book needed a ton of work, and she put in the care it needed. She crafted it into something beyond presentable. She made it into something pretty special. Thank you so much!

Darma Diamond
Author, course creator, and founder of Higher-Self-Vibrations.com

Fantastic job on the edits! I was drawn to work with you for a couple of reasons. First, I was impressed that you sent me a sample of your work. Second, your professionalism.

Sally Ann Miller
Author of the "Make Money From Home" series

Jessica's incredible eye for detail catches everything from small
misspellings to punctuation and structural improvements. Moreover, she
explains the changes she is suggesting so that the author can understand
them and improve their writing over time. Excellent experience. I
wholeheartedly recommend her!

Anita Nipane
Bestselling Amazon author and founder of DiggiNet

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